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My First purchased at LAZADA ♥

24/11/2017; 01.30 pm

Assalamualaikum hi, let's have a light sharing session today, can we? I would like to share my experience with Lazada :) So happy reading...

a. Do you remember the first product that you ever purchased online? What was it and how was your experience? 

For the record, my first purchased item would be in this year I think, which is FCC BB CREAM. I just can't resist the promotion price and grab three of them hahahaha that so me! For your info, I'm not online shopping kind of person, cause I read so many people got different items when they ordered online. So yeah... But this year on September I break the curse, and I'm happy that I did that! Make my life easier, to be honest!

I did leave an honest review on lazada website because I'm amazed at their efficiency to handle my order. I got my items within 4 days and it is in a good condition without any leakage and broken item :) 

And after that, I keep ordering things from lazada hahahah! (I can't help myself tho)

(here the proof of my first purchased)

(here my lovely item, it's nicely wrapped in bubble wrap to avoid being smush during delivery)

b. Which types of products would you prefer buying online? 

I prefer to buy electronic items such as printer ink, power bank, mobile reload and so on. Cause I'll need to buy the mobile reload and printer ink for every month so, I did buy them online :)

c. What to you love about online shopping? 

I just love online shopping and thanks to you, LAZADA! hahahah Cause I don't have time to do price survey due to overflowing work. So by scrolling Lazada website, it makes me sit down, chill while having a glass of hot milo and compare the price of the same item within several minutes. It's time-consuming :)

d. Which products did you buy or are you planning to buy on Lazada during the Online Revolution sales? 

I'm planning to buy a new printer as I got so many assignments to be print. And thinking of buying a new power bank for my mummy as my parent shared one power bank quite often when going somewhere and much more actually in my head!

Brother printer with wifi would be great since I can directly print from my phone :)

I think this power bank would suit my mother :D


(click this image)

As you guys know, Lazada Online Revolution ( take place from 11 November to 14 December 2017.  So don't miss out! You might be regret in future if you miss them, trust me! Ahh not to forget use shop back link to get more cashback tehee :)

That's all for today, thanks for reading. See ya in the next entry! take care, buingbuing 

Update CashBack from Shopback :)

14/11/2017; 03.20 pm

Assalamualaikum hi everyone, you can refer my previous entry on HOW TO USE SHOPBACK, and for today I would like to share with you guys more! 

Look from Rm8 to Rm60 really fast, because I just love to use shopback even for mobile reload every month including for my mum, dad and my little sister (I got Rm2 cashback per Rm30 mobile  reload, so for 4 mobile every month will be Rm8 wehuu hahahaha), I even used shopback for my family vacation at Melaka last month, for hotel booking. I got Rm20 from booking apps hihihi bijakkan seorang athirah ini ~ That's why sekarang dah Rm66 :) 

For this upcoming 12.12 sale, please use SHOPBACK APPS when you guys nak purchase from Lazada, 11streets, hermo and so on! You will get up to 30% cashback tau! Rugi kalau tak register dapat Rm10 per transaction pun okay what, go sign up now!

For the record I have Rm80 now in my account hikhik :)

Not to forget about RM5 items, they include 11streets items too! 

Thats all for today, (actually I just want to brag my cash back hahaha). See you on the next entry! take care, jaga hati tu baikbaik! 

Compilation Convocation Things To Do ♥

13/10/2017; 01.30pm

Assalamualaikum hi semua, I bet this month would be the best, exciting month for degree/master/PhD holder from all University since its CONVOCATION MONTH! Congratulation in advance guys! You did well and survived throughout last few years :) Good Job (tepuk bahu sendiri kay)

So here I compile all my entry regards convocation things:

1) Preparation before convocation day (forms to fill and so on)

Persediaan konvokesyen UPM 

1) The convocation day (what to bring inside the hall and so on)

Dua entry tu je yang sempat kaktyra share dulu. Kalau ada apa apa nak tanya, please feel free to ask me, buingbuing ♥ Jaga diri, jaga hati ~