i do?

date ; 12 of feb '11
time ; 10.10 p.m malaysia ^^v

salamsalam pretty :) today I would like to share something that is so horrible yaw! sorry guys cause I wrote in English :) for your information cute readers , I decided to wrote something horrible story in English yaw! so that I can laugh by myself with my horrible torrible writing :) so lets begin! actually I feel so upset with my day of this week! It just HORRIBLE! huh! Im hurt and I feel so in a bad mood :( I hope it will recover soon ya ! please! I need the enjoyment environment in myself and other as usual :) so please help me :D thanks! I need my magical and I need my sissy PANDA ! so thats it guys! thanks for lending me your beautiful eyes :) salam and have a good night ♥ and one more thing! happy valentine for whom are celebrating this event but im not, sorry! bye

athrh lani


  1. knp xda semangat neh?? are u not okay dear??

  2. self problem.. hee :) thanks akk <3
    im getting well today

  3. laa.. yeke! xpe.. biasa la suma org ada problem kan.. but everything ada solution nya.. hehe if u are okay, then, that gud.. :) happy owez k tyra...