Still being me :)

date ; 06 of jan '15
time ; 07.00 p.m malaysia ^^v

Aik! Habis final exam dah? Habis daaa...

Salam, I hope it's not too late for me to wish you guys, Happy New Year and Salam Maulidur Rasul   I'm happen to be late for a few days kan, chill please :) OMG, I just found out that I only posted 12 entry last year (takyahnaklastyearsangatlahkan,baruberapaharitahunbaru) OMG OMG OMG sikitnya, hahhaa nampak tak? nampak tak? I'm such a busy young girl with my student life taraaa~ hahahahha Cut that crap off. Wait! did you guys kept your memorable moment of 2014 in your jar? I afraid that you'll forget those moment. Cause I did kept mine nicely in most exclusive jar that I have. I gone through so many things back then and look, I'm survived. I came at the end of the year in one piece. hihihi amazing me tehee! It's a tough year overall, my heart did breaking and healing for couple of the time. BUT I'm happy with my life, Alhamdulillah Allah swt masih sayang 

Jumping to the conclusion, I done with my fifth semester just now. Yay me yay! I'm happy and in a good mood. I have no resolution for 2015 but I wanna be a better person, much much more better person. InshaAllah :) AND looking forward to create my 2015's canvas with much more awesomeness and craziness activity. Looking forwardddd! I start with joining college's event (OPSIS) alone, I mean without bestfriend nor friends, just a bunch of strangers. It will be held on 15th Jan at Johor. Hai orang Johor, ite nak pi Johor.  hihihi. That's all for now guys. Miss you too :')

Jaga hati, jaga perasaan, jaga adab, jaga diri. Salam Maghrib~

Shine bright like a diamond ~ like me yeahhhh.

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