Play hard?

Date ; 18 of oOctober '14
Time ; 01.15 p.m malaysia ^^v
Assalamualaikum semua. Happy mid term, get a rest peoples! hihihi. Been fine all this while? Okey ke tak ni hmmm? Alhamdulillah habis dah setengah semester, rasa macam stresssssss. The best thing is, I learn about people. Their behavior, good and bad one. I learned, try not to find more and more enemies. I had tried my best here but at some point I still have someone who hate me. You know what I mean? It just happen, to hate me. But, who cares? As long as I'm doing a right thing, I will stand right in front of you, yes you, the one who hate me heh. 

It is not easy to be a better person day by day but at least lets try together kay. When people advising you about something, don't just walk away, please don't! But, listen and digest every word they throw out. Maybe there is some parts ada betulnya kan? Keep aside your ego if you want to be a better one. Sementara ada masa ni, jum samasama perbaiki mana yang boleh. Berusaha!

Oh, one more thing, try not to exposed yourself and your emotion through social network. Well, we don't know maybe someone out there is our 'secret admire' who always keep on updating on what we are doing all day long? creepy heh? I learned from my mistakes where someone who think he/she is 'clever' enough to stalked me on what I had wrote in my profile and shared with others. Please people please. Why don't you go straight to me and ask me the real situation? Takut eh? hahahaha. They will get ashamed by themselves at one point, believe me!  Lek je kay. 

Alhamdulillah, I have my sissy here, who keep advising and make me calm when something knock my head so hard. I can't bear it by myself, it so hard. Like danggggggggggdinggggdoongggg ah! She understand me well.  Okey, how you spend your holiday? Why don't we share? hihihi Bye. Take care, Salam.

Truth :')

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