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05/05/2016; 12.30am

Assalamualaikum everyone, since I got plenty of time before 'knock out' by the medicine, I decided to share with uguys my recent online shop collection. Ahh malunya nak share (tutuppipipausendiri) hihihi. It has been a while since my last post regards my online shop, right? Kasi can okei gaaggahaha~ I heard that uguys have several upcoming event (such as faculty and college dinner?) that need you to wear something fresh and elegant, so why not I share some of my collection kan? Mana tahu terpikat boleh beli terus :D

So, I stick with my favourite sofea wideshawl which has a measurement of 2m x 0.75m but with different material (such as satin, heavy chiffon & glitter). Trust me, korang akan puas bila lilit-lilit macammacam gaya sebab cukup panjang, lebar dan paling penting tak jarang! Sesuai untuk tutup bahagian dada and belakang. Kalau tak reti nak lilit, nanti uguys search dekat youtube, I can guarantee melimpahlimpah tutorial, tak perlulah hakak buat tutorial okei hihihi

Kenapa tibatiba nak share pasal online business ni Athirah? Because I can hihihi. I nak buat promosi if you're interested to grab my limited pieces Sofea Wideshawl yang selalu sold out cepat ni, boleh grab banyakbanyak terus with cheap price. If you wanna grab only a piece of them, it cost you about RM25/pieces. But if you decided to grab 5 pieces, it cost you for only RM100! Ommo banyaknya discount! Tengok baik tak kte? Jadinya,kalau nak dapat promo beli 5 helai tu, cepat share dengan kawan. Pastu belilah sekali, kan jimat pos semua tu! Pandainyeee~ hihihi Jap jap I upload eh, tak sabar lettew. Kalau nak tengok tengok boleh terus pi or click the image below, Arasso?

Main page instagram @_thelanis 

Chiffon collection ♥


Blue ♥

Green ♥

Glitter collection ♥♥♥




Heavy chiffon collection ♥♥♥


Candy pink 


Carol pink 



Olive green 



Till then, toodles 

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