Update CashBack from Shopback :)

14/11/2017; 03.20 pm

Assalamualaikum hi everyone, you can refer my previous entry on HOW TO USE SHOPBACK, and for today I would like to share with you guys more! 

Look from Rm8 to Rm60 really fast, because I just love to use shopback even for mobile reload every month including for my mum, dad and my little sister (I got Rm2 cashback per Rm30 mobile  reload, so for 4 mobile every month will be Rm8 wehuu hahahaha), I even used shopback for my family vacation at Melaka last month, for hotel booking. I got Rm20 from booking apps hihihi bijakkan seorang athirah ini ~ That's why sekarang dah Rm66 :) 

For this upcoming 12.12 sale, please use SHOPBACK APPS when you guys nak purchase from Lazada, 11streets, hermo and so on! You will get up to 30% cashback tau! Rugi kalau tak register dapat Rm10 per transaction pun okay what, go sign up now!

For the record I have Rm80 now in my account hikhik :)

Not to forget about RM5 items, they include 11streets items too! 

Thats all for today, (actually I just want to brag my cash back hahaha). See you on the next entry! take care, jaga hati tu baikbaik! 

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