Compilation Convocation Things To Do ♥

13/10/2017; 01.30pm

Assalamualaikum hi semua, I bet this month would be the best, exciting month for degree/master/PhD holder from all University since its CONVOCATION MONTH! Congratulation in advance guys! You did well and survived throughout last few years :) Good Job (tepuk bahu sendiri kay)

So here I compile all my entry regards convocation things:

1) Preparation before convocation day (forms to fill and so on)

Persediaan konvokesyen UPM 

1) The convocation day (what to bring inside the hall and so on)

Dua entry tu je yang sempat kaktyra share dulu. Kalau ada apa apa nak tanya, please feel free to ask me, buingbuing ♥ Jaga diri, jaga hati ~

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