Nak duit cash dan berjimat bila shopping online? ♥

21/00/2017; 01.45 pm

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Assalamualaikum, hi everyone :) missing you guys! Siapa sini suka shopping online? Lazada? 11streets? Hermo? Althea? Booking hotel? Wow ramainya angkat tangan! No worries, because I have a profitable suggestion for you~ Pernah dengar SHOPBACK? (please, click on image above to visit  & sign up at Shopback website) I've been into this online shopping like early of this year, sebab dapat tahu tentang shopback ni (berhantu betul website ni hmmm).

One simple steps before start shopping which you need to have an account, so sign up dulu kay! click here. Then you'll see a list of brand (eg; fashionvalet, photobook, booking, taobao etc...) You click at one of the brands, akan terus pergi ke website yang korang nak! JUST MAKE SURE THAT YOU OPEN THE BRAND WEBSITE THROUGH SHOPBACK WEBSITE! if not, tak dapatlah cashback korang tu, rugi oiii! Each brand will give you a different discount percentage. Down here I'll guide you how to use shopback account :)

(what you need to know, and how to calculate the cashback)

Seronok wey! You better try first, sambil shopping dapat berjimat dan menabung hikhik ! AND! Shopback ada buat sale barang RM5 sahaja dari lazada! Antaranya penimbang berat, vacuum cleaner, pendrive 16GB dan lain-lain. Go and check them out HERE! As for example, you purchase digital scale at lazada for Rm19.90. you will get cashback Rm14.90 into your account, but not instantly masuk account tau. if you purchase them 1-30 september 2017, your cashback will be credit at most 31 october 2017. so sabar eh! Silakan pilih hikhik. For me, I bought pendrive 16GB for only rm5, and my sisters bought stainless steel food container & digital scale using their account respectively! ONE ACCOUNT CAN ONLY BUY ONE RM5 ITEM! If you buy more than one or you're not a new shopback customer don't expect to get cashback from shopback, huhuhuhu~

(what we bought last month hihihi pendrive tu tak penuhpenuh lagi dengan segala jenis movie, yasss!)

(as you can see, my total cashback from my previous purchase around Rm15, nanti nak withdraw lah! hikhik )

That's all yang I nak share with you guys for today. Any questions? See ya! Take care, jaga hati 

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