Shopping @Sgshop Malaysia ♥

03/09/2017; 12.30pm

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Assalamualaikum hi :) I won Rm100 SGSHOP voucher previous giveaway, you can check em here (SGShop Malaysia 10xRM100 shopping credit giveaway by Iman Abdul Rahim ♥) so I did my shopping through SGSHOP website last month hihihi I did buy my wishlist items, which are daisy chain bag and several pieces of clothes ♥ Guess what I got 6 items for only Rm100, isn't it affordable? So way affordable for a person like me who love to shop many things and cost me only a little wehuu! Here my babies :')

There are two bags, two dresses and two cardigans ♥

I bought this bag for short trip (eg; to cousin's house). It can fit my several day clothes and my skincare stuff  ♥ I've been eyeing for this bag since last year but instashop sell them too expensive like RM50? Wow, I can use that RM50 for my lunch and dinner hikhik. SGSHOP MALAYSIA only cost me about Rm9.11, can't you see that? You can thank me later, girls  :D

My huge love for this cutey, my DAISY CHAIN BAG ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ It can fit my purse, handphone and my balm (since I always a headache all the time, naik kereta pening, naik lif laju sikit pening, lapar pun pening, pheww) This cutey only cost me Rm40.41 wow, just wow! 

And this dresses, I bought a short sleeve and long sleeve each. Saje nak try, kalau best boleh beli lagi lain warna teheeee :D Have a guess the price, girls~ its only Rm16.10 for short sleeve and Rm17.05 for long sleeve, OMG I want to buy moreeeee!

I will share another entry on how to used SGSHOP MALAYSIA, trust me they are user-friendly ♥ Till then, take care, jaga hati ♥♥


  1. suka ke SGShop sebab banyak barangan yang murah tapi berkualiti