My First purchased at LAZADA ♥

24/11/2017; 01.30 pm

Assalamualaikum hi, let's have a light sharing session today, can we? I would like to share my experience with Lazada :) So happy reading...

a. Do you remember the first product that you ever purchased online? What was it and how was your experience? 

For the record, my first purchased item would be in this year I think, which is FCC BB CREAM. I just can't resist the promotion price and grab three of them hahahaha that so me! For your info, I'm not online shopping kind of person, cause I read so many people got different items when they ordered online. So yeah... But this year on September I break the curse, and I'm happy that I did that! Make my life easier, to be honest!

I did leave an honest review on lazada website because I'm amazed at their efficiency to handle my order. I got my items within 4 days and it is in a good condition without any leakage and broken item :) 

And after that, I keep ordering things from lazada hahahah! (I can't help myself tho)

(here the proof of my first purchased)

(here my lovely item, it's nicely wrapped in bubble wrap to avoid being smush during delivery)

b. Which types of products would you prefer buying online? 

I prefer to buy electronic items such as printer ink, power bank, mobile reload and so on. Cause I'll need to buy the mobile reload and printer ink for every month so, I did buy them online :)

c. What to you love about online shopping? 

I just love online shopping and thanks to you, LAZADA! hahahah Cause I don't have time to do price survey due to overflowing work. So by scrolling Lazada website, it makes me sit down, chill while having a glass of hot milo and compare the price of the same item within several minutes. It's time-consuming :)

d. Which products did you buy or are you planning to buy on Lazada during the Online Revolution sales? 

I'm planning to buy a new printer as I got so many assignments to be print. And thinking of buying a new power bank for my mummy as my parent shared one power bank quite often when going somewhere and much more actually in my head!

Brother printer with wifi would be great since I can directly print from my phone :)

I think this power bank would suit my mother :D


(click this image)

As you guys know, Lazada Online Revolution ( take place from 11 November to 14 December 2017.  So don't miss out! You might be regret in future if you miss them, trust me! Ahh not to forget use shop back link to get more cashback tehee :)

That's all for today, thanks for reading. See ya in the next entry! take care, buingbuing 

Update CashBack from Shopback :)

14/11/2017; 03.20 pm

Assalamualaikum hi everyone, you can refer my previous entry on HOW TO USE SHOPBACK, and for today I would like to share with you guys more! 

Look from Rm8 to Rm60 really fast, because I just love to use shopback even for mobile reload every month including for my mum, dad and my little sister (I got Rm2 cashback per Rm30 mobile  reload, so for 4 mobile every month will be Rm8 wehuu hahahaha), I even used shopback for my family vacation at Melaka last month, for hotel booking. I got Rm20 from booking apps hihihi bijakkan seorang athirah ini ~ That's why sekarang dah Rm66 :) 

For this upcoming 12.12 sale, please use SHOPBACK APPS when you guys nak purchase from Lazada, 11streets, hermo and so on! You will get up to 30% cashback tau! Rugi kalau tak register dapat Rm10 per transaction pun okay what, go sign up now!

For the record I have Rm80 now in my account hikhik :)

Not to forget about RM5 items, they include 11streets items too! 

Thats all for today, (actually I just want to brag my cash back hahaha). See you on the next entry! take care, jaga hati tu baikbaik! 

Compilation Convocation Things To Do ♥

13/10/2017; 01.30pm

Assalamualaikum hi semua, I bet this month would be the best, exciting month for degree/master/PhD holder from all University since its CONVOCATION MONTH! Congratulation in advance guys! You did well and survived throughout last few years :) Good Job (tepuk bahu sendiri kay)

So here I compile all my entry regards convocation things:

1) Preparation before convocation day (forms to fill and so on)

Persediaan konvokesyen UPM 

1) The convocation day (what to bring inside the hall and so on)

Dua entry tu je yang sempat kaktyra share dulu. Kalau ada apa apa nak tanya, please feel free to ask me, buingbuing ♥ Jaga diri, jaga hati ~

Nak duit cash dan berjimat bila shopping online? ♥

21/00/2017; 01.45 pm

(click this image!)

Assalamualaikum, hi everyone :) missing you guys! Siapa sini suka shopping online? Lazada? 11streets? Hermo? Althea? Booking hotel? Wow ramainya angkat tangan! No worries, because I have a profitable suggestion for you~ Pernah dengar SHOPBACK? (please, click on image above to visit  & sign up at Shopback website) I've been into this online shopping like early of this year, sebab dapat tahu tentang shopback ni (berhantu betul website ni hmmm).

One simple steps before start shopping which you need to have an account, so sign up dulu kay! click here. Then you'll see a list of brand (eg; fashionvalet, photobook, booking, taobao etc...) You click at one of the brands, akan terus pergi ke website yang korang nak! JUST MAKE SURE THAT YOU OPEN THE BRAND WEBSITE THROUGH SHOPBACK WEBSITE! if not, tak dapatlah cashback korang tu, rugi oiii! Each brand will give you a different discount percentage. Down here I'll guide you how to use shopback account :)

(what you need to know, and how to calculate the cashback)

Seronok wey! You better try first, sambil shopping dapat berjimat dan menabung hikhik ! AND! Shopback ada buat sale barang RM5 sahaja dari lazada! Antaranya penimbang berat, vacuum cleaner, pendrive 16GB dan lain-lain. Go and check them out HERE! As for example, you purchase digital scale at lazada for Rm19.90. you will get cashback Rm14.90 into your account, but not instantly masuk account tau. if you purchase them 1-30 september 2017, your cashback will be credit at most 31 october 2017. so sabar eh! Silakan pilih hikhik. For me, I bought pendrive 16GB for only rm5, and my sisters bought stainless steel food container & digital scale using their account respectively! ONE ACCOUNT CAN ONLY BUY ONE RM5 ITEM! If you buy more than one or you're not a new shopback customer don't expect to get cashback from shopback, huhuhuhu~

(what we bought last month hihihi pendrive tu tak penuhpenuh lagi dengan segala jenis movie, yasss!)

(as you can see, my total cashback from my previous purchase around Rm15, nanti nak withdraw lah! hikhik )

That's all yang I nak share with you guys for today. Any questions? See ya! Take care, jaga hati 

Shopping @Sgshop Malaysia ♥

03/09/2017; 12.30pm

(click on this picture to SGSHOP MALAYSIA )

Assalamualaikum hi :) I won Rm100 SGSHOP voucher previous giveaway, you can check em here (SGShop Malaysia 10xRM100 shopping credit giveaway by Iman Abdul Rahim ♥) so I did my shopping through SGSHOP website last month hihihi I did buy my wishlist items, which are daisy chain bag and several pieces of clothes ♥ Guess what I got 6 items for only Rm100, isn't it affordable? So way affordable for a person like me who love to shop many things and cost me only a little wehuu! Here my babies :')

There are two bags, two dresses and two cardigans ♥

I bought this bag for short trip (eg; to cousin's house). It can fit my several day clothes and my skincare stuff  ♥ I've been eyeing for this bag since last year but instashop sell them too expensive like RM50? Wow, I can use that RM50 for my lunch and dinner hikhik. SGSHOP MALAYSIA only cost me about Rm9.11, can't you see that? You can thank me later, girls  :D

My huge love for this cutey, my DAISY CHAIN BAG ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ It can fit my purse, handphone and my balm (since I always a headache all the time, naik kereta pening, naik lif laju sikit pening, lapar pun pening, pheww) This cutey only cost me Rm40.41 wow, just wow! 

And this dresses, I bought a short sleeve and long sleeve each. Saje nak try, kalau best boleh beli lagi lain warna teheeee :D Have a guess the price, girls~ its only Rm16.10 for short sleeve and Rm17.05 for long sleeve, OMG I want to buy moreeeee!

I will share another entry on how to used SGSHOP MALAYSIA, trust me they are user-friendly ♥ Till then, take care, jaga hati ♥♥

Pelajar Ijazah Sarjana Muda (Degree) di UPM :)

11/08/2017; 12.35 pm

Assalamualaikum hi semua, left less than a month for you guys nak daftar degree dekat UPM kan? So here I share some important post from previous entry waktu jadi admin blog kolej 16, UPM (kenangan sangat bila taip cenggini hahahahah) yang penting kena credit diri sendiri dan farah liyana dan shaf sebab rajin juga update entry yang sangat bermanfaat untuk adikadik yang baru nak daftar!♥  (we know the curiosity level of adikadik semua, so no worries okay) 

1) Macam mana nak ke kolej serumpun (kolej 12, 14, 16), UPM?
              Klik --- > SINI < ---<--- nbsp="" p="">
(this entry credit to farah liyana for her effort siap lukis college plan guna paint software gigih tak gigih seorang farah ni, hihik the struggle is real )

2) Macam mana suasana orientasi kolej dan universiti untuk UPM?
              Klik --- >SINI < ---<--- nbsp="" p="">
(this entry credit to shaf for her amazing pictures dalam entry tu, tehee)

3) Ikrar angkat sumpah universiti, UPM?
             Klik --- > SINI  < ---<--- nbsp="" p="">
(this one, memang struggle betul sebab update this entry waktu cuti semester, and baju pula dekat stor kolej. So I decided to use my mom and daddy's clothes instead hahaha, good job dear self!)

4) Kolej Serumpun macam mana rupenye?
             Klik --- > SINI  <--- ---="" nbsp="" p="">

(ini beshe beshe je, my own entry so macam dah berkurun.)

Any questions berkaitan UPM? Boleh tanya kite hihihi saya sedia menjawab segala pertanyaan adikadik. That's all for today entry! See yaaa , Take care, jaga hati      

Pasar borong Selangor, Seri Kembangan ♥

01/08/2017; 02.00 pm

Assalamualaikum, hi semua! Hari ni nak buat entry macam orang dewasa sikit hikhik. I decided to share my experience at Pasar Borong Selangor and how we spent! I went there since last 4 month  (april) sejak dah duduk rumah sewa dekat dengkil. I stay with my sister and brother in law, so kiteorang nak jimat cermat amalan mulia (the truth is duit lebih boleh shopping benda lain hahahahah) dengan rajinkan diri ke pasar borong two times a month! Macam beli stock cukupcukup untuk dua minggu lepas tu baru restock. And the outcome? Memang jimat habis! 

How we found Pasar Borong Selangor? Macam biasa En Google sangat membantu! kiteorang google pasar paling hampir dengan dengkil and pasar borong selangorlah paling dekat (padahal sejam pergi balik in total wey hahahah) Selalunya kite dengan akak kite je pergi around 9am in the morning, tak pergi awalawal pun sebab malas :) But if and only if my little sister ada dekat dengkil, my BIL akan tagging along sebab dia excited nak pergi pasar and balik je pasar senyum puas hati sebab seronok hahahah amendalah (that so like him pun!)

Some of things that we bought (before sort out)

Everytime akan sorted everything untuk makan tiap hari. So satu plastik tu memang cukupcukup sehari punya lauk :)

Oh! lupa nak inform that there're fee for parking :) Just RM1, so chill kay~

So for now, we just moved in to our new place at Kajang. And baru sekali je pergi pasar borong, dalam 20 minit je (yay dekat dari dengkil muehheheh)! Tengah tunggu supermarket belakang rumah ni siap, baru boleh decide nak beli dekat sini je ke atau still ke pasar borong, kalau sini lebih kurang je harga baik sini je borongnya kan? :)

Anyone area Selangor yang masih terumbang-ambing barangan basah dapur tu, silalah ke pasar borong selangor. Boleh rambang mata tau! Macammacam jenis ikan ado weyyy dan boleh jakun (especially my BIL, semua ikan first time tengok hmmm) Till then, take care, jaga hati ♥♥♥♥♥


 Lot 49053, Jalan Putra Permai,
 43300 Seri Kembangan,
 Selangor Darul Ehsan

 No. Telefon : 03 89428004
 No. Faks : 03 89421004

Dapur Mama, Bangi Selangor ♥

26/07/2017; 10.30am

Assalamualaikum hi dah habis dah bulan syawal tahun ini (sempat puasa enam ke kome?), kaktyra nak sembang fasal makanan lagi yay! hihihi Siapa orang Pahang sini? Belajar dekat Pahang? Mesti tahu Nasi kukus Mama dekat Teluk Chempedak, kan? Adik kaktyra study KPMIM, so every semester akan hantar dia pi KPMIM dari UPM, tengok betapa gigihnya seorang kakak memenuhi kehendak adik sorang ni! Kadangkadang duduk Kuantan satu malam sebab penat drive and laa akan bawa kami pi makan nasi kukus mama tu. Ayahibu pun suka tau sebab pedas dan sedap! Tiap kali datang Kuantan mesti ayah tanya laa "jum makan tempat nasi sambal pedas yang ayah suka tepi hotel tuuu"  hahaha detail kot ayah mention tiap kali sama je :'D yummih~ 

Tapi since 2016 (tak silap) dah takde dah nasi kukus mama dekat situ sebab kaktyra dengan kawankawan pi pahang untuk #THEGIRLSMARKTHEMAP, and sedih yang amat sebab kempunan nak makan :( But luckily, sebelah hotel kiteorang duduk that time ada "nasi kukus my mama"! Ya Rabbi, rasa macam nak tidur situ je walaupun hotel sebelah kikiki :D Then apa lagi, bawa kawankawan pi rasa, and diaorg pun suka (licin tinggal tulang je wey). Kira macam kawan pun dah approve lah nasi kukus my mama ni! 

For now, laa dah habis belajar dekat KPMIM. And kadangkadang kempunan nasi kukus mama, terbayang ayam panaspanas dengan kuah dan sambal pedas dia hmmm and guess what? Awal tahun ni 2017, Dapur mama dah ada dekat bangi! Dekat dengan tempat stay sekarang wey :D Macam mana tahu? Social Media of course! One day, laa call me just to make me aware that Dapur Mama ada dekat bangi! Siap bagi landmark satu baris dengan ayam penyet wang solo kedai hijau hahahah! Pastu suruh kite singgah beli before balik rumah. Gigih tak gigih budak tu siap call just to inform that one 'so important' news :D So untuk menjadi seorang kakak yang prihatin akan keperluan adiknya itu, I went and bought 4 set of Nasi Kukus. The price is different when compared to Nasi Kukus My Mama, but the taste sama je weyy! SEDAP!

Tempat selesa siap ada air-cond one side of the restaurant! sesuai untuk yang bawa anak-anak.

Macam biasa, boleh pilih nak ayam bahagian favourite ko yas!


Okay, dah terliur ke tu? Warga Bangi sekalian, boleh cuba lepas tu share dengan kaktyra, suka ke tidak :) Nanti kaktyra share details Dapur Mama, in case korang nak waze ke kan :) Selamat mencuba! Jaga diri, jaga hati 

Dapur Mama, Bangi
No. 43A, Jalan 3/69, Seksyen 3, Selangor, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Malaysia
+60 12-631 7846

SGShop Malaysia 10xRM100 shopping credit giveaway by Iman Abdul Rahim ♥

16/06/2017; 01.00pm

Hello and Salam Ramadhan untuk 10 malam terakhir, ya rabbi cepatnya masa berlalu :'( Ada ke yang mengejar 10 malam ni? Harap amal ibadah kita semua diterima Allah swt, amin  ♥  for today post, I decided to share a light topic, yelah kebelakangan ni kite asyik kongsi benda berat je. So hari ni kite chill join giveaway kak iman :) Mana tahu rezeki ramadhan, giteww~

Korang pernah tak beli barang China? Ala macam website taobao tu, hmm tahu tak betapa payahnya nak translate each and every chinese word in order nak beli barang dari website tu? menguji kesabaran keimanan dan ketakwaan wey! By now, ada website yang memudahkan kome semua membelibelah barangan China which is SGSHOPMALAYSIA! This website function as our personal shopper gitu, and harga masih murah berbanding pasaran malaysia kini (this is what I love to heard, actually ♥)

Since kak iman baik hati buat giveaway SGSHOP, kite pun naklah join! Nak shopping raya!! What will I get if I win RM100 shopping credit? hmmm banyak sangat dah dalam kepala ni :') So here I list some of things yang sangat comel menarik tertarik boom :D

First thing first, this cute daisy bag caught my eyes since I'm daisy fan ♥ korang boleh scroll instashop yang jual this kind of bag, mahai wey! And SGSHOPMALAYSIA save our money! Nakkkkk :O

Second, I'm kind of pengumpul bajubaju comel juga! Sekarang trend baju ni tengah 'in' kan? (kitepunterpengaruh) Murah kan? Rm20. ko dah kenapa SGSHOP jual murahmurah hmmmm

Dah lama cari cardigan, so I would like to purchase two or three colors! Tolonglah faham, color dia comelcomel wey, pink pun lembut je, pastu ada beberapa helai warna pastel, KO DAH KENAPA!

If you wonder what I would like to purchase at SGSHOPMALAYSIA website, I can't list all of them here, because too many to list (LOL athirah!) So, kak iman pleaselah faham kenapa kite nak RM100 shopping credit sgshop ni, nak shopping raya kak iman. Boleh nangis depan lappy ni dok scroll their items yang murah macam nak bagi percuma hmmm. Last but not least, I HOPE I WIN ♥ (After all semua ni rezeki, so jangan gaduh cari kite nak gusti. chill eh korang) 

Thanks for reading my annoying post regards this ahmazing SGSHOPMALAYSIA website, jum join ramairamai tapi takyahlah korang join :') nanti tipis peluang nak menang hohoho. okay bye, jaga diri jaga hati ♥

Claim Elaun Praktikal JPA...

21/04/2017; 02.30pm

Assalamualaikum wehuuu ada orang tak ni? kikiki it's has been a while since I update my blog kan, sorry nak biasakan diri dengan new environment macam I'm still in lag phase giteww :') hihi so I did saw on my blog statistic and most of you were looking at my JPA internship allowance. Sorry I didn't post anything there because I thought nobody want that post since no comment or question at all hahahah :D After looking at that post number visited, I decided to share dengan adikadik semua (wuu seronoknya, macam wow ramainya adikadik kite) :')

How your internship experience so far? Best kan? walaupun macam penat, jadi kuli, kena buli but hey you got new experience compared to others, right? Please be positive, people hmmm :D Jadinya sekarang dah habis praktikal kan? Esok start kelas ke cane? hahahah Kalau batch kiteorang dulu, habis praktikal hari Jumaat, cuti sabtu macam biasa and sibuk kemas barang then ahad balik kolej nak daftar semester baru fuhhhh penat wey nak angkut barang ke tingkat empat hmmm kenangan betul! 

So kalau dah chill,bolehlah start apply claim intern dari JPA. Kite listkan syarat-syarat dekat bawah, and please read carefully jangan tinggal even one point! Tak leceh pun, sebab dokumen yang JPA minta senangsenang dan dalam beberapa minggu je (InshaAllah) , pap pap pap dah masuk dah duit claim korang. Please take note that elaun intern JPA RM15/ HARI (TIDAK LEBIH 3 BULAN) Untunguntung masuk sekali duit semester RM5000 tu wow wow wow AKU KAYA! :)

Syarat-Syarat ;
🌸 Tuntutan dibayar berdasarkan hari tidak termasuk hari cuti awam/umum;
🌸 Jarak antara IPT/rumah kediaman dengan tempat latihan melebihi 25 km mana yang terdekat;
🌸 Tempoh latihan tidak melebihi 3 bulan (tidak termasuk hari cuti awam/umum); dan
🌸 Latihan diwajibkan bagi tujuan menamatkan kursus pengajian.


1) Borang tuntutan elaun praktikal (tekan sini)

2) Punch card & pengesahan kehadiran (pihak supervisor internship)

3) Approval sheet  (surat tawaran dari pihak Universiti/tempat praktikal)

Pastikan semua maklumat lengkap dan sahih tau, baru berkat eceyyy :) Pengalaman dulu ada je yang apply walaupun DAH DAPAT ELAUN DEKAT TEMPAT KERJA, but still diaorang dapat elaun JPA. I don't know why, nak cakap tamak rezeki, macam berkat ke sampai double kot dia dapat elaun?? Bukan busuk hati ke apa, but korang dah besar kan, dah nak habis degree pun, so fikir sendiri okay ~ Its up to uguys after all.

Macam mana nak hantar? kte nasihatkan kalau korang nak selamat dan cepat, lebih baik hantar by hand ke pejabat JPA di Putrajaya. Boleh guna waze/ google map, so no worries :) Tapi bagi yang jauh di perantauan, bolehlah poslaju ke JPA/ hantar ke BHEP universiti. tapi pastikan korang selalu update dengan pihak JPA tau, please rajin sikit! (jentik kang dahi tu kang biar otak jadi produktif) Senang je kan? benda simple takyah nak stress stress pastu nak emosi nak marah orang lain pula,motif sangat ko ni kan! kalau tak faham juga boleh tengok SINI. Okei itu sahaja, ada apaapa soalan, boleh tanya kte okei~  jaga diri jaga hati 

(u.p.: Unit Pengurusan Biasiswa Latihan Sebelum Perkhidmatan)


Nasi Ayam Bazar Bulat / Fuziah @ Ipoh, Perak ♥

04/02/2016; 02.15 pm

Assalamualaikum and hiiiiiiii!  (can you feel the excitement?😆) Another food sharing at Perak wehuuu. Okay kali ni kite nak kongsi tempat makan yang kite dan family pergi sejak kiteorang kecil comelcomel sampai sekarang masih comelcomel. It's Nasi Ayam, people! Siapa yang tak suka nasi ayam wey, memang rugi. Nama restoran ni Nasi ayam fuziah tapi kiteorang panggil nasi ayam bazar bulat. sebab duludulu ada bazar berbentuk bulat near to this restaurant but now no more, dah naik banggunan bertingkat Octagon dah hmmm. From the picture below tu nampak tak signboard kuning tu, the restaurant look simple je kan (korang takyah nak raguragu, ini kedai muslim halal) but tiap kali kiteorang datang nak makan/bungkus mesti padat dengan pelanggan wiwiwiwi nampak betapa hebatnya nasi ayam ni :)

Ibu tutup mata pun masih cantik, cane tu :')

As you can nasi dia penuh kot satu pinggan, memang boleh kenyang sampai malam. Ayam, sos, cili kicap semua ada, tak kedekut pun :') Memang kalau kiteorang keluar Ipoh dan macam dah blur tak tahu nak makan mana, terus datang sini.

Ayah/Ibu: Okay, kerja dah settle. Nak makan mana ni? mesti lapar kan?
Anakanak: *entah**taktahu**ikutlah ayahibu nak makan mana**krik krik*
Ayah/Ibu: Dah semua tak tahu makan mana, bazar bulat jelah, senang!
Anakanak: Okay!

Takyah fikir dah nak tengok menu ke, terus order nasi ayam hahahha puas hati! Harga boleh tahan lah, tak silap Rm5 satu pinggan :D Kalau korang datang Ipoh dengan kawankawan/family dan korang lapar teruk lepas jalanjalan satu pekan Ipoh, boleh cuba Nasi Ayam Bazar Bulat, okayss? Takkan nak makan dekat mall je, bosan lewls hmmm bukan selalu datang Ipoh, baik try bendabenda selain yang korang selalu makan kan kan :) cadangan je, chill ah jangan nak mengamuk hahahhaha 😂 Nanti kite listkan alamat dan operation hour dekat bawah, in case korang nak try ke. kalau nak senang waze je kot :) Okay itu je, selamat hari sabtu! Jaga diri jaga hati 

Nasi Ayam Bazar Bulat / Nasi Ayam Fuziah
Jalan Mustapa Al-Bakri
Ipoh 30300, Malaysia
Isnin - Ahad; 12 tengahari - 8.00malam

Breakfast @ Jeti Sitiawan, Perak ♥

03/01/2017; 04.30pm

Assalamualaikum and hi semua  Masa yang ditunggu-tunggu telah tiba iaitu perkongsian tempat makan kegemaran kite dan keluarga kite (Thelanis) around Perak, Malaysia :) Kenapa mula dengan sarapan? sebab what we eat on breakfast will determine our mood of the day hahahhaha happy tummy happy mood giteww (this is so me!) Selalunya family kte will go out for breakfast on weekend sabtu ahad around 8 am to 9 am. But at Sitiawan will be once for two or three weeks, if and only if we went there to restock semua barang dapur basah. Macam lambat je sarapan kan kalau pukul 9 pagi kan? Tapi memang kte akan singgah jeti lepas borong stok ikan udang ketam dekat pasar. Kalau pasar pun buka pukul 8 am , shopping takkan 5 minit? Paling kurang pun 30 minit habis beli ikan. Dah membeli barang dapur basah barulah ada semangat nak isi perut kikiki.

Borong ikan dekat jeti pun boleh,no problem :)

First time kite pergi, dalam otak dok fikir macam kena berhati-hati sikit bila pijak sebab pondok papan plus tepi jeti wuuu seram bunyi kriuk kriuk papan orang dok pijak ke hulu ke hilir (macam dalam gambar bawah ni, betapa ramainya orang). Ko tak dengar lagi bila budak-budak yang seronok kemain dok berkejaran fuhhh :'D takpe yang penting ialah makanan!!!! The first food that I tried was Nasi Lemak Rm1.20. memang worth, as it cheap and delicious, plus siap balut guna daun pisang lagi. apa lagi ko nak sekarang ni? Last week, ayah ajak abang ngah pi pasar sebab dia tak pernah ikut ke sitiawan dan nak sarapan dekat jeti ni hihihi (kite memang selalu ikut sebab nak sarapan sedapsedap dengan ayahibu), so abgngah dan angah pun tagging along. Feedback dari abgngah is "hmm dah lama tak makan nasi lemak yang sedap macam ni (sambil suapsuap ke mulut sambil membebel macam biasa)" at the same time ayah makan dua bungkus tanpa sesiapa perasan tuptup dah lipat pembungkus dah ;') Sorry but not to sorry we had seorang dua bungkus weyyy hahahaha tak sedar diri betul pagi-pagi makan banyak, itu tak kira lagi empat bungkus bawa balik hihihi. Not only that, kiteorang pun ada pesan roti canai. Sedap tak tipu, kalau tipu nanti dosa. Shhh yang ini tak boleh buka cerita berapa keping sorang makan, buat malu je nanti :')

pedas sikit je, tapi sedap!

Kalau ramai orang, nak dapatkan dua keping roti canai ni agak lama hihuhihu

Hemm, perkenalkan ayah dan abgngah peminat tegar nasi lemak sitiawan!

Just for your information, sistem dekat sini self-service, you just need to go to their counter and order what you want and terus bayar. InshaAllah you'll not face any situasi lupa nak bayar terus naik kereta dah balik dan kena patah balik ke kedai untuk bayar, No! Lepas bayar dapat makanan, after eat terus blah dengan perut yang kenyang~ Tepitepi jeti pun ada jual makanan lain, macam lempeng pisang dan pulut panggang , no worries for those yang diet nasi lemak can eat benda lain :) Lokasi dia senang je, betul-betul tepi jeti sitiawan. Kalau tak segan boleh berhenti tepi jalan tanya mana jeti (boleh waze kot). I'm not sure what time they'll close, but kalau korang sampai around 11.30 am better you go and have lunch instead :')

not to forget, otakotak  :)

Selamat mencuba, kalau dah pergi jangan lupa inform kite macam mana. Okay bye for now, take care of your health and emotion